Balanced Man Program

Indiana Alpha is a full Balanced Man Chapter

As part of our rebuilding process we have full adopted the Balanced Man Program moving forward. This concept may be foreign to some of our alumni, but is the best way to ensure we will be around for another 100 years. We will have more in depth info on our website as well as the SigEp National website.

In 1901, SigEp’s Founding Fathers set out to provide an unparalleled fraternity experience. Those 12 young men recognized the need for personal growth during the most crucial years in a man’s life. They dreamed of a supportive experience with a brotherhood of high achievers. Ninety years later, the Balanced Man Program was created to meet this goal.

The Balanced Man Program, at its core, is designed to provide a holistic development experience for college men that not only challenges them to grow as leaders, but challenges the concept of fraternity on a much larger scale. The Balanced Man Program is a continuous development program that matches different areas of development with different stages of a college man’s time in the chapter.

The program, born out of a need to provide a more relevant fraternity experience throughout the college career, was built from the best practices of exemplary SigEp chapters in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Those best practices are captured in the core philosophical tenets of the Balanced Man Program: 

  • Equal rights and responsibilities. 
  • Continuous development.
  • Accountability. 
  • Living the Ritual. 
  • Mentoring

These concepts are the key to operating a successful program, building balanced men, and gaining success on both a chapter and national level. Our highest performing chapters around the country exemplify these five core tenets in their operations.

Since its ideation, the Balanced Man Program has been celebrated by the academic and fraternity worlds for its innovation and application to the collegiate experience. Featured on a national stage in such outlets as National Public Radio and The New York Times, the Balanced Man Program and SigEp receive acclaim for providing more relevance to the fraternity experience, and challenging the stereotypes that too often plague Greek organizations. To learn more about the Balanced Man Program, its history and its implementation, please visit the BMP Implementation Page on the SigEp website.

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